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Arkansas State football team will return to the Fargodome on Saturday, November 3 at 7: 30 p.m. CT on They will face the Louisiana Ragin 'Cajuns in a contest of the Sun Belt Conference. Trey Lance will host the Central Arkansas Bears at the Fargadome on Sunday, October 3, and fans can follow the game live on the University of Arkansas Facebook page at Pine Bluff. It will be the first game of the season for NFL stars and the NFL elite at the Razorbacks' home stadium.

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Pine Bluff Golden Lions and the University of Arkansas games may depend on a number of factors. Other variables to consider include seating, the performance of your team and upcoming opponents. You will usually find seating in the upper and lower levels of the Fargodome and lower levels, but these vary depending on the opponent.

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Arkansas residents who are approved to participate in the UAPB may contact the Arkansas Society of Professional Sanitarians (ASPS). Arkansas State Football's 2016-17 recruiting camp will take place September 2-5 at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, Alabama, and will also be held August 10-14 at UAB's Fayetteville, Arkansas campus. We had a great season from Steele Begeal against Texas in the quarterfinals, and then we played a great game against Florida State in our last game of the season.

PAC-12 , Tennessee is a member of the SEC, Washington is a member, Arkansas and Coastal Carolina belong to the Sun Belt and Washington, D.C., is located in the poorest area of the country. The final three are the three registered schools that are or could join the UAPB, along with the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, UAB and Southern Miss. Both clubs have an annual membership fee of $1,000 for members and $2,500 per member for non-members.

In Central Arkansas (Conway, Ark.), UT is currently a member of the American Athletics Conference (AAC) and the Mid American Conference.

Wisconsin shot 60.6 percent from the field and didn't make any turnovers, while Pine Bluff shot 30.4 percent and had 11 turnovers. The Golden Lions have gone their first 14 games without a win and lost the first 11. Arkansas - PineBluff remains winless at home after losing 65-50 to Illinois on Thursday night and falling to 21-0 in those contests.

Arkansas joined the Confederacy in 1861, but Union troops occupied the northern part of the state in 1863 and the southern part in 1864.

The segregation of the education system at the time meant that African Americans could not be admitted to what was then known as Branch Normal College. The University of Arkansas, known as Arkansas Industrial University, was founded in 1873 and was nominally a historically black college. In 1927, the school separated from the University of Arkansas and became the first black college in the USA and one of only two black colleges in Arkansas. It is now the only black university in what is now the University System of the former University of Arkansas.

Within a year, Branch Normal founded its first black student body and the first African-American student union in the United States.

In 1873, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff was approved by the Reconstruction legislation of the era as Branch Normal College and opened in 1875 with Joseph Carter Corbin as its rector. In 1927, it severed ties with the University of Arkansas and took its own name, Arkansas State College. It was 1972 when it became Arkansas-PineBluff and gained university status, but it rejoined its system in 1972, which was funny in the palindromic way it left the country.

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